Rennscot Fire Extinguisher Mount Install Instructions

Step 1: Follow the Rennline install procedure to connect the fire extinguisher to the Rennline Quick Disconnect mount. 

Step 2: Use T-40 torque wrench to remove the front two seat mounting bolts.

Step 3: Locate and loosen rear seat mounting bolts.

Step 4: Locate and use the 4 M5X8 flat head screws supplied with the Rennscot fire extinguisher mount. Use these to bolt in the Rennline quick release bracket to the Rennscot fire extinguisher mount. WARNING: Do not use the Rennline supplied mounting screws as they’re too long in length. 

Step 5: Insert supplied rubber bumpers where deemed necessary. We recommend using the center mounting holes along with two rubber bumpers on either side of rennscot logo.

Step 6: Install mounting bracket in between seat rail and floor using the factory bolts. Torque all 4 seat bolts to the factory recommended torque spec of 40nm (29.50 ft-lb)

Step 7: Install fire extinguisher to the seat mounting bracket.

Step 8: Double check and ensure all bolts/screws are correctly fastened.

Step 9: Enjoy!