Picking the right set of wheels can be a daunting task. The wheels need to be strong, lightweight and designed to work with your Porsche. With many designs and manufactures in the marketplace, it can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, APEX race parts make this selection quite easy.

For starters, APEX doesn't only make wheels, they engineer them to work with your Porsche. No hub centric rings, no aftermarket lug bolts, and no offset guesswork. Their engineering team has spent countless hours designing these wheels to ensure they're an exact fit. Their wheels are hub-centric, ensuring that the wheels perfectly fit the hub of your Porsche without the use of hub centric rings.

Weight matters, especially when it comes to the rotational mass that is your wheels. With months of research and development, APEX has designed the SM-10 wheel to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing crucial strength. Weight has been reduced by CNC machining the inner sections of the wheel spoke. A creative and effective way to ensure the wheels stay light and strong.

APEX wheels also allow the use of TPMS sensors. This is especially useful in the unfortunate event that your tire is punctured by a road hazard. You'll be notified early that your tire is running low on air vs. finding out later when your tire is destroyed. Small details like this make the ownership of these wheels that much more enjoyable.

Style plays a key factor when choosing your wheels. APEX has you covered with 3 different color finishes, anthracite, race silver, and satin black. Along with the wheel selection you can choose your factory center cap or the APEX company logo center cap. Both center caps have been designed to work with the APEX wheel.

We look forward to seeing our customers on the street and at the track. Be sure to check out our vehicles equipped with sets of APEX wheels.

Be sure to reach out to us with any questions about getting yourself a set of APEX wheels for your car! Sales@rennscot.com