The entirety of the team here at Rennscot comes from automotive-focused backgrounds of varying nature; whether that be track-prepped Porsches, restored classics, or custom audio equipment, we all share one common interest: cars. But where did our passion for the automobile originate? 

For one Rennscot employee, cars became the natural adaptation from his childhood hobby of riding bicycles. From beginnings of pedaling around the neighborhood to working at a world-renowned action sports camp, Tommy has always lived a life fueled by being on wheels. This is why Tommy has chosen to leverage the Rennscot facility after hours to begin developing and manufacturing his own bicycle-related products.

The most recent design (shown above) is a machined prototype sprocket mounted on Tommy’s bicycle. This sprocket was designed to have an odd 29 teeth -- a rarely seen number in the BMX industry. The reason for this was to allow the rear wheel on his bicycle to be mounted at a proper location of the dropouts; this translates to a proper wheelbase and a resulting change in overall geometry for optimal rider feel and input (much similar to variation alignment specifications of a car).

The prototype was machined on Rennscots Haas VF4SS and began its life as a 0.25” thick 6061-T6 aluminum plate. Final versions, according to Tommy, will be machined from the stronger 7075 alloy of aluminum to ensure it will resist any unwelcome forces.